Decorative Concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for outdoors?
No, decorative concrete applications can be used both outdoors and indoors

How does it stand up to winter conditions?
Because of the acrylics, polymers and other additives in the concrete mixes, they are extremely strong and can easily withstand the normal freeze/thaw cycles of winter.

What about cracking?
Cracks and damaged concrete are repaired prior to putting on the new surface. However, if a crack reappears in the original concrete pad due to ground shifting or other influences, there is a chance that this crack will transfer up through the new surface.

Isn’t it slippery in winter?
The traditional method for outdoor projects is a special spraying technique which results in a textured surface similar to a stippled stucco ceiling. This results in great traction no matter what the weather conditions. Also, because of the sealant coats applied to the surface, snow shovels and snow blowers easily glide over the surface with no damage done.

Is this strictly for old concrete?
No, this can be done on any concrete, new or old. If it is new concrete, the normal 30 day curing period is recommended before any work should be done.

Can it be applied to surfaces other than concrete?
By means of special bonding agents and concrete blends, our products can be successfully applied over ceramic or porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring and even on painted floors or walls

What about over wood?
Applications on wood outdoors is not recommended. Wood expands and contracts a great deal outdoors and there is a good chance that the new concrete surface with develop hairline cracks. However, with proper preparations, it can be applied successfully indoors.

Is there maintenance involved?
As with anything, maintenance is a must to keep your project looking its best. ConcreteFx will let you know what should be done depending on what your specific project is.

What does it cost?
There are too many variables (i.e. patterns / designs / repair work etc.) involved with each project to come up with any specific figures. However we endeavor to work with the client to find the just the right thing that will work with their budget.

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