Decorative Concrete

What is “Decorative” Concrete?

Concrete as a building and construction material has been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years. In fact, it is more widely used than any other type of construction product. It is extremely strong and durable, uses raw materials that are easily found in all areas of the world, and it is incredibly versatile.

So, whether it is the 15–20 cu. yards used for your basement pad or the over 431,600 cu. yards used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, concrete is a mainstay in the construction industry today.

However, the drawback to concrete is that, in its basic form, it is dull and boring.

Stamped concrete is popular but also has disadvantages, for instance; limited choice of patterns and colours; slippery when wet as well as in the winter months; and can only be achieved when a new batch of concrete is poured and then typically only outdoors.

What if you have existing concrete; perhaps a driveway, patio, front steps, or basement that has been damaged or stained over the years? Or what if you are building a new home and just want something different from everyone else? What if you simply want to customize your personal patch of concrete?

We at ConcreteFx have the skill and means to revitalize and enhance new and existing concrete to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. By using a variety of specialized, high quality concrete mixes, colouring, and application techniques, we can create an environment that is not only attractive, but will add value to your home, office or outdoor décor.

Let ConcreteFx show you just what can be done – working together with your imagination and budget.

Latest News

Spring is in the air once again - time to think about some of those renovation projects you've been putting off. Whether it's interior or exterior concrete we have some fabulous products and ideas to transform that plain concrete into a thing of beauty. Check out some of the new photos in the Gallery section from last season. We also have some very unique Epoxy coatings for garages or interior basements  - or any interior concrete slab.

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